Executive Team


Luke S. Meehan

Owner and Senior Consultant

Luke is a native of New York, New York.  He is the Founder and Owner of Luke S. Meehan Consulting Ventures, LLC (LMCV). Luke is the visionary force that drives our uncompromising pursuit of excellence. He oversees our daily client relations, as well as provides consulting services. Luke’s experience began in athletics and politics. He has been involved with state, local and county races, while also dabbling in presidential politics. His love of sports has led him to travel globally, developing a worldwide perspective. Luke’s passion for global affairs drove him to take seminars at the Harvard Belfer National Security Program.  Luke’s style defies traditional boundaries; he creates out of the box solutions to the most complex and pressing crises, while also delivering a long-term strategic battle plan that accounts for variables others don’t see.