Private Individuals

111Crisis Management: Luke S. Meehan Consulting Ventures offers celebrities and high-net worth individuals a comprehensive and effective solution to evolving crises they may encounter. We will coordinate legal, financial, and public relations efforts to ensure the best possible outcome.

Imaging and Branding Workup: LMCV  provides a comprehensive image and branding analysis and solution-package. Please inquire for more details.

Project Management: We also consult the private individuals that have a major project that needs management, ranging from a complex move to home improvements, and any other needs that may arise.

Public Relations: When individuals find that their current public relations is not meeting their goals, Luke S. Meehan Consulting Ventures can either collaborate with existing PR management, or offer a comprehensive solution of their own.

Team Coordination: At Luke S. Meehan Consulting Ventures, we offer a comprehensive package for coordinating everyone’s interests (i.e. financial, medical, legal, PR, security) and overseeing intra-team operations.

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