Political Campaign Services

a3Crisis Management: Luke S. Meehan Consulting Ventures offers comprehensive crisis management services to political campaigns and organizations. We coordinate your public relations, legal (if applicable), and operational end of crises.

Strategic Planning: The firm provides a wide range of strategic planning services to political candidates and elected officials, enabling candidates and public officials to plot their immediate and career-long aspirations with a clear roadmap to arrive there.

Debate Prep: LMCV takes a comprehensive approach on debate prep, with the emphasis on preparing a candidate to meet the harshest criticisms with the most effective arguments for their policies and viewpoints. The firm includes its opposition research package, utilizing professional investigators to prepare candidates for the most unnerving political attacks.

The Opposition Research Package: Luke S. Meehan Consulting Ventures opposition research package delivers you a comprehensive view of your liabilities, which enables you to chart a course of success by turning them into assets. The firm uses accomplished professional investigators to protect clients’ interests.

Management and Leadership Advancement: LMCV delivers on-site and off-site support to management staff to further their efforts in effecting the desired outcome.

Employee Training: Our consultants undertake projects defined by management to improve workforce/ volunteer production and efficiency.

In-house Campaign Management

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