Government Services

a2Crisis Management: Luke S. Meehan Consulting Ventures offers comprehensive crisis management services to local, municipal, state, county, and federal government entities. We coordinate your public relations, legal (if applicable), and operational end of crises.

Strategic Planning: The firm provides a wide range of strategic planning services to governments and public organizations, creating a definitive plan for immediate operations and long-term growth. In an arena driven by budgetary constraints, LMCV offers a reliable plans of action to meet governmental needs and budgetary concerns.

Management and Leadership Advancement: LMCV can deliver on-site and off-site support to management staff to enhance their efforts in effecting the desired outcome.

Employee Training: Our consultants can undertake projects defined by management to improve workforce production and efficiency.

Interagency Coordination: The firm offers political and government advising on an omniscient level; enabling leadership to make effective governing choices.

Project Management: Luke S. Meehan Consulting Ventures consults with government entities that have major projects that need management; ranging from complex moves to operational improvements, and any other tasks that may arise.

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